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Childish Treatment

Childish Treatment

30 Dec ’12 3:29 pm

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I was strolling through several game websites sometimes just for the fun of it through some public internet place, scrolling pages, links and such. The person by chance in proximity looked through my monitor and commenting something about a habit of mine of gaming and comparing it to children games.

Yes, their insight about gaming is prejudiced and limited their view that games are for only for 10 to 14.
By all means they are not wrong, but to force their ideals to the person who takes games as one of the creative industry and one of the entertainment form, then they are dead wrong.

When i saw them talking about their favorite show, which is, one of the idol competitions, celebrity scandals, soapy shows, nobody judges them about their choices of entertainment.
Unknown to them, the industry that born to entertain the kids back then, has matured. For me, the facts of different ways to present games by storytelling, gameplay and graphics is as interesting as which is the real father of the main heroine from soapy show or who gets the lowest vote in idols to them.

I grew up with videogames as if it’s my own brother, who rewards me with neverending, whimsical adventures after long streched times of studying, attending school or colleges, some people relieved by watching TV, reading books, praying, traveling, but this one, the personal introvert type, is my choice, and nobody has the right to judge (well they can, but sailed through my head mostly).

All in all, Happy 25th of Megaman.

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