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Itchy Finger Trigger

Itchy Finger Trigger

27 Jun ’14 7:17 am

There was the era of myspace and friendster, twitter and facebook wasn’t the stuff back then, but those two wailing socmed are the progenitor of “comment haven”. Where everybody can state their opinion and their mind freely, apart from what is right or wrong to certain people . Somehow, the easiness to speak our mind, killing the decency filter. My former lecturer said to entire class of copywriting once, that if any of us are able to write an essay in Compass newspaper, then they are automatically get an A even without attending class and assignment for the whole semester. FYI Compass newspaper at that time is the highest standard of information R&D in everything in the whole country, you guessed right, heavy filtering, typo corrections, scientific based, the proof of various research methodologies and all the hassle to make sure they don’t post garbage. There are no such atrocities like nowadays, stupid opinion with blessing and replies from worse individual, amplified it by other links, shit quickly hits the fan. And there you go, next morning you turn on tv, a national wide issue discussing oh-so-important haunted (it’s not) photograph of certain politician in vacation. Things get downhill from there because the politician replied with rage comment replied by racist comment.

Once, we have no definite names for the person who act that they think they’re cool or cute with distinct leet speak, While these shit are already have names, let’s just call it AW for “attention-whore”. Basically, those pre-tweet AW are growing up half-assed nowadays and they still think they’re the swag. Twitter and facebook present days are the most easiest and accesible media for the uneducated AW and offensive comments.

In short they’re usually express disagreement with “whoreply”
( Hate your parents for grounding you? Call them whore )
( Hate your friends for something we don’t care? Call them whore )
( What? Not currently hate something? Call them whore )

The result  of  the effortlessness of so called free speech in technology unpredictably unexpectably frightening for me.
Leading to hesitation of opening social media.

There are several things are not appropriately posted in the web, because the internet or social media especially doesn’t have restriction of what can and what cannot, doesn’t mean we should. But then, there are no consequences if we do something considered bad in net world.

The first minor annoyance of my social hesitation actually not the whoreply stuff, but in the form of spoilers. How much I loathe them, the facebook and twitter especially doesn’t have the integrated spoiler button like forums do, there are unspoken rule regarding spoilers, either with warning word of “Spoiler Alert” tag, spoiler toggle or font highlight spoiler. Granted, only specific forum and social media have this integrated spoiler system, like movie, tv series, novel, books or games. Facebook and twitter is general type of socializing closest to free speech in its purest form. By posting spoilers of certain shows, the original poster hoped to gain as much as many attention, and considered they are the hottest things now, recognitions from those who attracted to similar attention seeker. But for those who enjoy storytelling and entertainment, those AWs took the fun. Many times I have to glance things like:

“he dies, but only pretending dead, damn clever”
“sad drama, the main character got tumor and dies ”
“the whole scene is just a dream”
“do not watch this, his girlfriend are dead in the end, bad movie”
“awesome books, he pretends to be a bad guy, but actually a good guy”

The goddamn spoiler frequently flooding over my home page. The social media with constant skipping, spoiled material which causes the show or series ends abruptly, is no fun anymore. Because nobody could stop spoilers, stopping at socializing seems peaceful.

Several month and years when I have to open some company profile page in social media to dig some info, curious about my wall page, there are new ridiculous breed of cancerous post, namely confused-self-proclaimed reviewer. Like hell I need their assurance of the things I’m enjoying with their status read as:

“New season 4 review, how his life going to be with his new wife, which is actually a man”
“I’m open minded but I don’t like sci-fi, aliens, animations”
“Marvel comic event reviews, darker story growing-up, because this team is disbanded, that guy is missing, and that guy is dead in the end”

At least the spoiler back then actually spoiling things, not confusing itself with actual review.

Things get really sick afterwards, I was right to subsequently decline to social media. Like degenerating ape, the more stupid and controversial the content, the more moron accumulated. The sheer amount of whoreply allowance few years back then like give the actual decent person a little taste of whoreply weed, as if it gives permissions to everyone to give a piece of their thought, whether we like it or not.

Actually i’m surprised about some opinion from the people I looked up, and some unknown anonymus. Formerly, I thought the free speech and whoreply are all bad, but it kinda roots the actual awesome person between tryhards.

Several occasions from high profiler:

– Some renowned marketer in my country, a well-esteemed person in his field, expressed his disgust of people who don’t use apple products, and he kinda said, why would people want to use other non-apple is beyond his comprehension. See I have nothing against apple products, I think their 5th ipod is a gem, mac OS 10.7 lion somewhat still widely used in manufacturing and nonstop server here. But the casual fans, some of them are not all the sharpest blade in the kitchen.

– Some head figures for IT sector, are still confused between a tablet, an ipad to chinese knockoff and still had no clue why people want faster and cheaper internet, (basically averaging 30KBps here). Or why build comm. tower outside the capital city which are mostly still undeveloped villages, unknown to him that those undeveloped villages is a mining area.

Few months absence from digital world, I kinda need info about local raw food supplier, undoubtedly social media is more effective than search engine, once again, i’m gonna peek just a little bit about those AW. As expected, things get hillarious and amusing.

From l33tspeak, hatepost, playing victim drama, spoilers now they are evolving to: Wannabe Pros!
I mean, what the hell suddenly the talks about things that boring to hell in peculiar high words.


Trust me, this.. thing… illegible in both my native language and english. I think he smoked weed backwards.

Somehow people are interested in the art of Pro Blabbering, even now as i’m writing, there is presidential election season going on. Suddenly people are politic pros in 1 night with their liberty to insert the previously whoreply knowledge.

Most politic discusssion by a wannabe pros in a nutshell:

 “you know that woman whose pro-opposition strongly suggest that either candidates are at disadvantages, because to bear the burden of the previous legacy which is uncommon for 2 periods of total 10 years. At least it will need the same period for the expected results come into fruition, she bet more than half period are going for internal reforming, and begin their mission and vision afterwards, that is if they still remember it”
“who is that woman actually?”
“well, she is activist for self-supporting under-developed village and a journalist from Chronos”
“she’s wrong”
“because she’s a whore”
“usually activist doubled as foreign journalist are whore”

It’s a legit net discussion between well known public figures, watched by wide range of person’s sanity, experiences and common senses from cucumber to einstein and the barbed molten lava snowball filled with religion, racism, ideologies and nations are practically rolling here. They are attaining a high-level-bulshitting there. Hillarity ensued.

How my own views about unfiltered trash become distorted from disgusted to become guilty pleasure of a false sense of superiority, a brief form of entertainment.

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