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Abyssal Chain

Abyssal Chain

6 Jun ’13 12:13 pm


About 16 or 18 when i played Baldur’s Gate and the second, mildly spoiling the story, you are a character that solves everybody’s problems, being in magical fantasy setting, their problems are not your typical run-of-the-mill, thet’re consists of vampires, demon lord, dragons, secret bandit society, and such. You are given a several methods for accomplishing mission, depends on your “attribute”, whether you’re strong, intelligence or charismatic person, you can solve the mission by physical conflict, secrecy or persuasion.

The ability of our own character to accomplish the mission by choosing a rude and evil path is what intrigued me. My rude companions remarks my choice with laughter and praise me that my actions are evil but necessary, but my otherwise good aligned companions are displeased and keeps reminding me of there are much civilized solutions seeing of how smart or swift my character is.

The high-ground morality and videogames often not in the same paragraph, but the design is somewhat similar. The brazen method are easier and faster to enforce lesser conscience person with immediate results. Applied too often and we breed a tolerance over decades, and made it our default value, until perspective from another value comes observing & judging through social and mass media we loved.

Nietzsche’s quotes are something like “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”. To eradicate the corruption and evildoers, one must be corrupted, to put ourself to their shoes & strive towards the goal, become a killer to take away the killer, supposedly to give the next challenger to replace them eventually. Thus the circle of fallen society repeated themselves. It happens in all society layers, from average person to self-proclaimed saints, WITHOUT them realizing what they’ve become to.

The quote above leads to my curiousity over this guy Nietzsche. He did observe circle of society, mocking them with wit and make other people question themselves. I kinda like Nietzsche implosive way of thinking, he doesn’t  put the blame onto the circumstances, maybe it had something to do with his illness that he simply cannot blame others? I’ll never know. All things happened and will happens again, such as it is how human behave and always will be.

Nietzsche’s quotes never been so considerable for me until recently happened in my own country’s mass media. I’m not usually comments about politics or celebrities, but constant bombarding from social and mass media suddenly brings me back with the quote above.

Many pop culture entertainments are using this theme as a main plot, that shouldn’t be surprising.

But what pinched me, when i visited my mom’s friend, a devout family against corruption and injustice, advise their son applying for government. Well you know in my country, government is the most corrupted system in the whole country, endorsed by some religious party. They turn a blind-eye to “legal” corruption and continue their service as if injustice are fine if everyone’s doing it.

Some news about it.

Some internet news i stumbled. Documentary about a criminal’s life due to her death penalty. What did she do at her last hour, last wishes, last meal. She got interesting perspective about her life is all about.
About one of the corrupted system in the world at some words before, Police is one of them. Some drunk police threatened and unfortunately killed a civilian after party. People are enraged, demanding all of them discharged and be sentenced as common criminal. Alas, the unfortunate corrupted nation throwing the grace and spared the policemen. Victim’s family are even threatened to cease all struggle against it. Until one decided to take the matter into her own hands. Killing the killer police, and be sentenced to death.
The convict, the victim’s avenger, had no certain attitude towards her death, and living normally like most people would, her last wishes are common wishes you’ve heard everyday, even if she said regretting the crime she did in interview, somehow, i know she didn’t serious about it. Somehow i know she said it because it was nice thing to said and discourage people to start a riot. Aside from those smirking confession in a most unconvincing manner.
A prime example about Nietzsche’s. As a lawmen that should conquer the lawless, one must be the lawless itself, until someone wants to take the throne of defilement themselves.

Introspecting myself, for me personally, it’s fine when someone yammering about something they don’t like, and persuade people to follow them,, but then when in doing so they cannot keep up their words and doing otherwise, that sucks donkey’s balls.

I’m not pretty clean myself though, “the abyss also gazed me”, sometimes i torrents while cursing killer thief. Same intention by different methods.

Hopefully the well placed ignorance will make the world a better place.

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