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Inner Meth

Inner Meth

26 Jan ’13 12:46 pm

D1302 copyMore than 10 years, my mom is running a small catering. She decided to run a budget catering without knowledge about managing catering back then, the early years only spells disaster, but seriously, looking past 5-10 years i’m not sure we’re gaining much either. She never intended for the business to go big and expanding, the catering back then was a side job, an alternate income source, to pay the bills.

She had to pay expensive tuition fees for 2. But who would’ve guessed the alternative income source above paid them all with extras.

It was that moment i wonder why wouldn’t i took major about what my mom does, instead of what i’ve become now. Before catering business running, my mom were doing alternative income by making salted duck egg, but failed, then turn to bred ducks itself which leads to failure, then bird, then chicken, back to egg but this time quail’s, then moving to catfish which ended in nile fish, then sidetracked to growing jackfruits, mangoes, then finally settled on cooking business.

Despite all her experiences handling the home industry before, she NEVER liked it even for a bit, she did it because she got nothing to do to increase incomes. The amount of love of what she does, is enough reason to determine the future of everything she handles. She loves cooking, eating great food, eating weird food, small portion of eccentric food, the curiosity of how to making it.

Back then when we need significant boost of income, she would stayed 5 days without sleep, working to finish the order. When we’re graduated from college, the bills, contracts and credits all closed up, would she settle up and take a breather? Hell no. Still staying up sleepless for more than 2 days doing those things she loves. Cooking.

Mom gave liberty about what I’d love as long I love to do it. Lucky me, I’m able to choose what i thought i love back then and making fortune out of it. Passionate of what we’re doing is the key of all determination. Topic aside, I love playing WOW back then, i’d rather raiding ICG than sleeping, i thought i’m passionate about that, until the excitement wore off and leaving it, i’ve yet to know what the passion means.

I’m not saying the people that not in love with their job are sucks at what they do, some of them are making a better income rather than what they love to do. Apparently mom agreed that whatever job a person do, doing what you love to do is more important. To discover the thing we’re going to love and decide to marry it, sometimes we have to do something clueless chores early.

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