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Estella. The name arising in my corner memories, buried years between work memories, random internet things, naughty thoughts, countless plots to make the my most hated person suffering their entire life, and mostly empty space.

I should let you know how people here treating entertainment on TV, another time perhaps. There is another movie based of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in 2012, starring Holliday Grainger & Jeremy Irvine and the others. As potrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow & Ethan Hawke in 1998 incarnation. Boy that was long time ago i never thought another incarnation of Great Expectations in 2012. I admit, the modernization of classic piece usually ends up in soapfest feeding, blame me, but the remake of Romeo and Juliet back at 96 was a private benchmark for me, not to be mistaken, i love the movie. Not that i despise soapy show, ANY pieces while taken carefully and considered thoroughly will make a fun watching material.

I can’t believe i missed this movie, local theatres seems unavailable to show this, suppressed between another popular movies it seems. I just saw the poster while browsing random things, with no chance to watch it anytime soon, i rewatched the ’98 one. As expected, the charm that surrounding the ’98 version although not completely shedded after watched more than 1 times, sometimes left me with shivers and constant rewinds of the most memorable things that raped my eye virginity at 12.

The entertainment industry at 1990’s in my country never been so restricted as now, TV is the main sources of any form of entertainments. No meaningful censorship, no filters, no dubs, no beeping swears, all presented raw. Unlike now, nobody ever gets offended constantly about entertainment back then.

Soooo, 15 years ago, that includes the young tongue kiss, the fingering, the bare painting & side boobies! Several most erotic (not raw porn ones!) scenes that i never forgets while breeding my own pimples.

Anyway, Hollidayy Grainger looks pretty, the setting likely follows closely with the book, unlike present day at ’98 version. Although for me which yet to see the 2012 version, the charm may not be as dazing as ’98, but i’m dying to see that and trying to prove myself wrong. Eh, i look like a pervert comparing which is better in classical erotic scenes between Gwyneth Paltrow & Holliday Grainger.

Actually if the movie turns out to be mediocre, i do hope the 2012’s music scores will stand on its own against the ’98 version. I mean, the scores in ’98 version are noticeably BEAUTIFUL.

Great Expectations IMG_001

9 Feb ’13