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Hello blog, it’s been a while since i posted the last rant, it means i’m really busy, and being busy are good rather than idling. I’ve seen some unnecessary conflict, drama and silliness while the mind aren’t in particular sense of pressure. Few days or month ahead, unfortunately i too, will enter the idling state, the fact that i’ve posted this entry is one of the perks of being idle.

I quit my job.

Amazing how spread my mind’s spectrum are when i’m not thinking about job, so much things to be thought of. Like, it’s already March 2014, i’ve just remembered i work my ass off even at new year’s eve. And even that is after i quit my job, which is supposedly made me a slacker at that time.

The frickin deal is, some problems that make me (and, or us, my mom), clearing our bank account. Quite bummer at these times, the work that i stacked over for a few years and months are gone. Just like that. With just a little zenny left, one can really see through what is worth doing at times like these. Including calm moment. What did i achieve at 2013 and what is 2014 going to be. The year 2011 until 2013 for me is a -how’s a mmo define it- a grinding year, while the 2014 ones maybe the era of change, a HUGE change. I’ve never been a mystical person but the sign are all over it. Since 2014 only passed for two month and few days, let me sort out what is last year looked like for me.

Some jokes which are funny, suddenly not when you hit almost 30.
Because when you hit over 26, chances are you already doing things back then when you consider weird, nasty, strange, sexy, naughty. Once you through it, somehow the innocents that makes the joke hillarious are taken away, replaced with awareness. And when you see some of your youngest friends strike the joke and cracking, that’s when sudden realization zapping in. You’re getting old.

Almost anyone always need anything intangible to get a hold on and keep their sanity.
Some must be more powerful than themselves, most commonly god from whatever religion, a bit less popular choices are certain brands, powerful political groups/friends/family, motivation piece, etc. The need to have faith to resilient uber-powerful figure are natural and necessary, for example in working area : you have the best team that can overcome any obstacles and reigning king of efficiency, suddenly one of your team is renouncing, then you’re not as efficient or as good as you know it before, the days wouldn’t be the same, putting so many efforts to fill the gap creating more problem in the run, eventually leads to more leaving. There, some people need some greater unwavering force, so when everything went haywire, they have some invinsible trump card, to ensure everything will be okay at some point.

The Dead Of Idealism.
Crap, i even took some time to remember this word. I remember the first year of my work as a graphic designer, that i would be creating something thoughtful, different and not plagiarize boldly, back then, the internet wasn’t so cheap as now, and graphic design content wasn’t so abundance. Googling anything with word ‘design’ now, there are millions of content that literally wants to be used, when the first world country and some area still tight about plagiarism, some content for example, “flower picture for logo”, there are hundreds of authors wants you to use their design element, even legal to modifying it then incorporate to our original logo, so then they will gain their revenue from their web visits. While some people are still in the fuzz about ideas and originality, the method is legal.

For me personally, early years are the hardest stage of graphic design, we have to come with original ideas in a hope the client will love it and the deal was quick to be closed. But now, as long as the job is done with the emphasize of FAST, regardless of quality. Doesn’t matter if public love it, or even the creator itself love it, as long as they paid in full, everything will be fine. Once you pay your own bills, electricity and all other life cost, you have to shred your own ego.

The Bliss Of Ignorance.
There was a time when facebook photos sometimes determine who we are. Seriously, when you are emotionally down, do not check any social media, i mean SERIOUSLY DO NOT, check porn instead.

I can’t seem to unsee what the other people achieve in their age, there are so many randomness factor into account that make the people what they are now and as a whole timeline, but those factors are somewhat dispersed easily by people’s judgement. I haven’t mastered the ability to ignore the other people opinion, mocking and comparison. The most common opinion i’ve heard is about comparison that i am as good as those people with higher earnings, even better, but why i still have lower income than them comparable ones, the fact that they are achieving so much at younger age is somewhat striking hard on me. Then came natural conclusion, ah so there is money right? then it is okay, i can understand and measure them, so when i focus into profit, deliberately refuse their just-cause offering, the same person that hauled income stuff earlier in turn said that, the important thing is not just profit, but friendship also.
…. Fuck them all.
Hmmm kinda hard to put things into example, let’s put it this way :
A father told the son to become a lawyer, ’cause of the high earning, so the son become a successful lawyer and live happily. One time his laptop are broke and the data which contains a handful of important cases must be recovered in any means, it’s about a matter of life and death cases. His inability to repair the laptop is unquestionably impossible, so the laptop is sent to repair centre and repaired well, in the end, the lawyer and his father gave a piece “ah it’s good to be the lawyer eh? not the repairman, they have a hard job but the pay is low”. Not everyone supposed to be a lawyer, no better than everyone supposed to be IT Department. Yes, that kind of comments and situations comparing each one with the others are which i’m trying to overcome, it’s a branch of jealousness, which brings to next irritation possible.

In average age of 25-40,
mostly people are self sufficient and sailing life, pronounced by some material objects. Cars, home, bank savings, etc. It become deciding factor of people’s quality around me before 30.Well, they’re not wrong, but how about many stories that doesn’t end at the age before 30?

Some oldschool advices are not working anymore.
Something that you said over and over until it doesn’t mean what it should anymore. Seriously, it become offensive.

  • It’s for your own good : Fuck it, you don’t know me, you’re not there when i’m sad, happy or in neutral state. The one who throws this favourite quote is just for themselves to feel good and feeling needed, they just express it out of the window, to fulfill their ego of righteousness, since they’re not carry your life.
  • You don’t experience my life : Somebody just throws the word away, while they need somebody to talk, without consent nobody asking them and we can ignore you too if that’s what you wanted.
  • God will do this/that, planning this/that : Yes he may, NOT YOU, yet you keep sprouting it.
  • Not all things are about money : This is the most irritating, most hypocrite of all stuff said.
  • Be creative : Don’t say some intangible things and knows no bound that make you even cringe.
  • Work hard : Once, i went 10 km with my motorcycle while heavy storming outside, just to receive a 2 sentences news. What are we? Medieval knights who experiences electricity only from witches?
  • Humans are prone to mistake : Okay i get it, fix the fuck out, rather than keep yappin’.
  • Life is like a… : Life is life, there’s no comparable thing ever. Seconds to the sentences are ‘even animal wouldn’t……’
  • Too much uncalled and unasked abstract false advices to be put in this list, sentences above are what i heard most.

To counter some advice ahead, some are really working intangible advice i found to be helpful.

  • The One Day/Month/Year Account : Super helpful, for example, i want to change my smartphone, will it still bugging me one year after and before? if yes, just buy it. Another example, i want to file complain to a certain person/institution, would i want to invest my time one month ahead? no? one year? am i going rampage one month/year ahead if i let it pass? if not, just don’t do it.
  • Ignorance : Super helpful too, i think this one needs no explanation. For example, my mom’s friend whose initially very rich person, and because the business is bad, she died poorly, do people keep judging her in the One Year Account above? Nobody cares, my mom keeps busy as usual, problems always born out of nothing, there always one problem after another to keep our attention busy. Bottom line is, basically, nobody really cares.
    ugh, unfortunately i have yet to found another.

The overused drama in small confined space.
Gossiping, Self-Righteous Person, Illogical Behaviour, Racism, Hypocrite, Mr Knowitall, Overreaction shit (once i’m being laughed super-hard-i-thought-he-had-asphyxiation-or-possessed-by-satan, because i spelled someone’s name wrong) are anywhere, i mean ANYWHERE, and i’ve yet to be get used by it.

It’s impossible to please anyone.
The more i keep the words close, the more convenient to do something that make inconveniences to other people, it disperse guilty. Heck you get one useful perk of it : The ability to Choose Your Own Enemies. By voluntarily choose your own enemies, actually you can do more productive account by exceeding the subject, rather than you make somebody mad by chance, that you’re trying to fix the damage rather than moving on.

The perspective of one year life should and will change as the older we get. In 20 years, i will be seeing this post and it will feels like childish post.

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Abyssal Chain

Abyssal Chain


About 16 or 18 when i played Baldur’s Gate and the second, mildly spoiling the story, you are a character that solves everybody’s problems, being in magical fantasy setting, their problems are not your typical run-of-the-mill, thet’re consists of vampires, demon lord, dragons, secret bandit society, and such. You are given a several methods for accomplishing mission, depends on your “attribute”, whether you’re strong, intelligence or charismatic person, you can solve the mission by physical conflict, secrecy or persuasion.

The ability of our own character to accomplish the mission by choosing a rude and evil path is what intrigued me. My rude companions remarks my choice with laughter and praise me that my actions are evil but necessary, but my otherwise good aligned companions are displeased and keeps reminding me of there are much civilized solutions seeing of how smart or swift my character is.

The high-ground morality and videogames often not in the same paragraph, but the design is somewhat similar. The brazen method are easier and faster to enforce lesser conscience person with immediate results. Applied too often and we breed a tolerance over decades, and made it our default value, until perspective from another value comes observing & judging through social and mass media we loved.

Nietzsche’s quotes are something like “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”. To eradicate the corruption and evildoers, one must be corrupted, to put ourself to their shoes & strive towards the goal, become a killer to take away the killer, supposedly to give the next challenger to replace them eventually. Thus the circle of fallen society repeated themselves. It happens in all society layers, from average person to self-proclaimed saints, WITHOUT them realizing what they’ve become to.

The quote above leads to my curiousity over this guy Nietzsche. He did observe circle of society, mocking them with wit and make other people question themselves. I kinda like Nietzsche implosive way of thinking, he doesn’t  put the blame onto the circumstances, maybe it had something to do with his illness that he simply cannot blame others? I’ll never know. All things happened and will happens again, such as it is how human behave and always will be.

Nietzsche’s quotes never been so considerable for me until recently happened in my own country’s mass media. I’m not usually comments about politics or celebrities, but constant bombarding from social and mass media suddenly brings me back with the quote above.

Many pop culture entertainments are using this theme as a main plot, that shouldn’t be surprising.

But what pinched me, when i visited my mom’s friend, a devout family against corruption and injustice, advise their son applying for government. Well you know in my country, government is the most corrupted system in the whole country, endorsed by some religious party. They turn a blind-eye to “legal” corruption and continue their service as if injustice are fine if everyone’s doing it.

Some news about it.

Some internet news i stumbled. Documentary about a criminal’s life due to her death penalty. What did she do at her last hour, last wishes, last meal. She got interesting perspective about her life is all about.
About one of the corrupted system in the world at some words before, Police is one of them. Some drunk police threatened and unfortunately killed a civilian after party. People are enraged, demanding all of them discharged and be sentenced as common criminal. Alas, the unfortunate corrupted nation throwing the grace and spared the policemen. Victim’s family are even threatened to cease all struggle against it. Until one decided to take the matter into her own hands. Killing the killer police, and be sentenced to death.
The convict, the victim’s avenger, had no certain attitude towards her death, and living normally like most people would, her last wishes are common wishes you’ve heard everyday, even if she said regretting the crime she did in interview, somehow, i know she didn’t serious about it. Somehow i know she said it because it was nice thing to said and discourage people to start a riot. Aside from those smirking confession in a most unconvincing manner.
A prime example about Nietzsche’s. As a lawmen that should conquer the lawless, one must be the lawless itself, until someone wants to take the throne of defilement themselves.

Introspecting myself, for me personally, it’s fine when someone yammering about something they don’t like, and persuade people to follow them,, but then when in doing so they cannot keep up their words and doing otherwise, that sucks donkey’s balls.

I’m not pretty clean myself though, “the abyss also gazed me”, sometimes i torrents while cursing killer thief. Same intention by different methods.

Hopefully the well placed ignorance will make the world a better place.

6 Jun ’13
Another Expectations

Another Expectations



Prior to previous post, finally i’ve seen “Great Expectations” the 2012 one. Great mixture of excitement and anxiety quickly filled the atmosphere just before the movie started.

I never read Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. So my take at 1998 version is cut down from any literature influence. While the 2012 one, based on easily accessed information across internet that the 2012 version is based closer from source material than the 1998 one. You know the irresistible comparation of both movies, due one of the reasons i am unable to compare to dozens other in different formats, such as tv series, and/or three-parts series. With understanding in mind that is hard to cramp such long tale to just 100+ hours.

For what i believe, i’d rather not putting myself under categories of movie consumer types. Some called themselves ‘movie lover’, but they have more critics than enjoyment itself. Some called themselves ‘casuals’, but demanding more than just dead-antagonist-then-credits-roll. Some called themselves ‘deep’, but prancing insides when seeing dumb fun action flicks. I enjoy any movie types personally and trying hard not to overthink something. So below is my personal take on some of the memorable scenes. Not even a proper review. A bit of warning, it biased as hell.

1998 : The whistles that sets the mood and theme for a whole movie, actually contrast to the whole modern set, but beautiful nonetheless. One particular peeve is how the convict stay groomed compared to 2012 one.
2012 : Beautiful Kent marsh with long draw distance, but the encounter with escaped convict is kinda dull for me.
Modern pop set or gritty industrial age?

1998 : A small suburban by the sea in florida, with kind hearted fisherman, Joe with his materialistic modern-day wife.
2012 : A marsh village with kind Joe, the blackmisth with his abusive wife.
Tough call, both are great in its own way. I like the beautifully set marsh and gritty london better.

1998 : Paradiso Perduto, a mansion that looks abandoned, hence the wild unattended garden.
2012 : Satis House, an unpreserved mansion that looks like a, well, mansion at 1800s england
I like 1998 better,  just because the stark contrast between the scenes, potrays the gullible young Finn/Pip right.

1998 : Miss Dinsmoor, eccentric & rich old lady with her own theme song!
2012 : Miss Havisham, gloomy, sullen, gothic & rich old lady, hard to escape her husband influence, Mr. Burton.
I like the 1998 better, the way Ms. Dinsmoor meeting Finn the first time is great, dancing while listening Besame Mucho then mistaking Finn for Estella, “who are you?” And cheesy trade mark line adding character, Rather than plain meet and greet dull 2012 one.

1998 : Finn painting Estella and whispers what does he think about Estella to Ms. Dinsmoor, while the camera ocassionally doing extreme close up to Estella’s lips, eyes, chin. Emulating Finn’s perspective. God, when Estella lick her own lips, that was subtlety HOT!
2012 : Pip whispers what does he think about Estella to Ms. Havisham directly, that’s it.
Captain Obvious to the rescue!

1998 : Tongue kiss at fountain, ‘nuff said, their expressions are priceless.
2012 : Estella offering her cheek directly, after Estella overheard Pip defending her honor.
Keeping things tightly close to source material i see.

1998 : Beautiful music running in background while Finn narrating the transition, as the lawyer enter the scene, the music acts like it’s on radio and off as Finn turning off the radio.
2012 : Young Pip helping Joe doing his work as screen moving to adult Pip. Pretty standard.
I see a pattern here.

1998 : Finn meets Estella the same way as they were kissing at mansion’s fountain.
2012 : Pip meets Estella. Just like that.
A matter of taste, i like dramatization on 1998 incarnation.

Why the 1998 incarnation overdoing some scenes, kinda soapy, it was done like it was out-of-this-world behaviour, but tickling my curious senses in a good way. While the 2012 version stay close to source material and tried to retells while fit entire book, hence some interesting characters are underdeveloped.

I don’t hate the 2012 version, but not bearing much love either. Sorta like a completion, or alternate universe to Dicken’s original. Similar feeling like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man & Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spiderman, or if you prefer comic universe comparison, Astonishing X-men with Ultimate X-Men, both are great to me.

Character specific. Many characters from both movies are lovable, what is lovable characters means to me? A person’s behaviour and the way to express themselves as i yet to meet in real life. Pure subjective to me.
In 1998 version, i love the cold bite young Estella, innocent young Finn, down to earth Joe and clueless adult Finn.
While in 2012 version, lovely leaky stoic adult Estella, roguish Magwitch, conservative Pip’s Sister, gentleman Herbert Pocket and even the rest of supporting characters are spreading great. But i cannot forget 1998’s young Estella & young Finn expression after fountain scene. It was staggering. Why the cast at 2012 which overall are great but still makes me turn back to those two person from 1998 version?

Because it was relatable.

When you can relate to movie character, suddenly you care about them, you care about what is going to happen to those fictional characters in scripted events. In real life you’ve met those kind of person, heck, even the character themselves are representation of yourself.

I feel strong relation to Finn in 1998 version, rather than Pip in 2012 version.

  • Young gullible Finn loves drawing (obviously)
  • Loving a girl who has higher social status
  • Secret benefactor who put Finn become something more than a mere simpleton by drawing himself up to success
  • When Finn become a somewhat decent man accepted by society, that’s not even halfway to who Estella is
  • Watched his crush married with man who is actually a great man, he couldn’t even mad about it

I NEVER read Great expectations novel, i DON’T hate 2012 version, as i stated before, to me the 2012 is a completion to the whole story.

What i conveyed Great Expectations 1998 version before watching the 2012 version :
Dinsmoor makes Estella a tool for torturing male heart by taught Estella everything what makes female desirable to most male, making their life miserable when any men going out with Estella, forces men having a hard time to separate from the perfect Estella. The whole charade for an act of revenge, in process, dinsmoor believes that Estella would understand, all men are just pigs. I presume unless Dinsmoor was a Jewish, she is mad about saved her virginity before married for perfect man and the groom just left off at their marriage, and when she’s at at her age, no men would desire her truly except for her money, and that is what pissed her off.
When Finn learned from Dinsmoor about what Estella is, Dinsmoor felt sorry for Finn and trying to apologize to him, because Dinsmoor finally know Finn actually different from most douches and truly loves Estella for what she is.

What i comprehend Great Expectations 1998 version AFTER watching the 2012 version :
Dinsmoor breed Estella to make a real perfect woman, socially accepted and desirable not just from higher caste, but from a common people as well, like simple Finn. Dragging men to commitment and make their life miserable, and move to another men, without consent of what Estella actually feels. All that fuzz about is for Dinsmoor’s revenge. Not just because she saved her virginity, but also she got crooked by her groom, by marrying her legally, the groom then possesses some of her assets, and dissapear when the groom stole her money legally. That is why Dinsmoor’s mansion looks unattended.
When Finn learned about what Estella is from Dinsmoor, Dinsmoor apologize to Finn not because she feels sorry for him, but she finally realizing she broke Estella heart, cause Estella and Finn falling in love together. Estella’s wounded heart resounding to Dinsmoor, like when her groom leaves her. The pain are greater to weapon that Dinsmoor created to what she intends to do. Dinsmoor trying to apologize, but Estella is on her way to marriage which she loathe.

An amazing experience indeed, the movie never change, my perspective does.

By watching the 2012 version, more twisted plot unveiled and more complex motives run across and starting to make sense for the 1998 version. The 1998 version knows the whole book cannot fit to movie medium, thus a simpler plot are cut off from a whole tragedy, that’s why the 2012 version feels rushed a bit from Joe visiting Pip to the secret benefactor showing up and taking pace. Revealing the whole design and completing the story.

The score for the 2012 version gets the job done, but doesn’t stand out much than 1998 version that seems to dedicate entire movie with Estella fantasy theme. I took the hint of Estella theme in 2012 version at the scene when Pip rides to london and a bit from ending theme, i immediately recognized it, or my brain just made it up for intertwining to 1998 theme

Some story are better left at their literature counterpart, but some story need to be told from different perspective.

After some googling, there are dozens of incarnations but i only want to see the 1946 version and 2011 version. The 1946 version may represent classic movie retelling while the Three-part-BBC-2011 version represent extended duration. I’ve yet to get a hold of those.

What if i watched the 2012 version first then 1998’s afterwards, do my preference changed? Do they still relatable?

TLDR : my subjective, both movies are great, 1998 version is personal, 2012 version is filling the gap.

Internet be damned! There’s no erotic scene!

28 Apr ’13



Estella. The name arising in my corner memories, buried years between work memories, random internet things, naughty thoughts, countless plots to make the my most hated person suffering their entire life, and mostly empty space.

I should let you know how people here treating entertainment on TV, another time perhaps. There is another movie based of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in 2012, starring Holliday Grainger & Jeremy Irvine and the others. As potrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow & Ethan Hawke in 1998 incarnation. Boy that was long time ago i never thought another incarnation of Great Expectations in 2012. I admit, the modernization of classic piece usually ends up in soapfest feeding, blame me, but the remake of Romeo and Juliet back at 96 was a private benchmark for me, not to be mistaken, i love the movie. Not that i despise soapy show, ANY pieces while taken carefully and considered thoroughly will make a fun watching material.

I can’t believe i missed this movie, local theatres seems unavailable to show this, suppressed between another popular movies it seems. I just saw the poster while browsing random things, with no chance to watch it anytime soon, i rewatched the ’98 one. As expected, the charm that surrounding the ’98 version although not completely shedded after watched more than 1 times, sometimes left me with shivers and constant rewinds of the most memorable things that raped my eye virginity at 12.

The entertainment industry at 1990’s in my country never been so restricted as now, TV is the main sources of any form of entertainments. No meaningful censorship, no filters, no dubs, no beeping swears, all presented raw. Unlike now, nobody ever gets offended constantly about entertainment back then.

Soooo, 15 years ago, that includes the young tongue kiss, the fingering, the bare painting & side boobies! Several most erotic (not raw porn ones!) scenes that i never forgets while breeding my own pimples.

Anyway, Hollidayy Grainger looks pretty, the setting likely follows closely with the book, unlike present day at ’98 version. Although for me which yet to see the 2012 version, the charm may not be as dazing as ’98, but i’m dying to see that and trying to prove myself wrong. Eh, i look like a pervert comparing which is better in classical erotic scenes between Gwyneth Paltrow & Holliday Grainger.

Actually if the movie turns out to be mediocre, i do hope the 2012’s music scores will stand on its own against the ’98 version. I mean, the scores in ’98 version are noticeably BEAUTIFUL.

Great Expectations IMG_001

9 Feb ’13
Inner Meth

Inner Meth

D1302 copyMore than 10 years, my mom is running a small catering. She decided to run a budget catering without knowledge about managing catering back then, the early years only spells disaster, but seriously, looking past 5-10 years i’m not sure we’re gaining much either. She never intended for the business to go big and expanding, the catering back then was a side job, an alternate income source, to pay the bills.

She had to pay expensive tuition fees for 2. But who would’ve guessed the alternative income source above paid them all with extras.

It was that moment i wonder why wouldn’t i took major about what my mom does, instead of what i’ve become now. Before catering business running, my mom were doing alternative income by making salted duck egg, but failed, then turn to bred ducks itself which leads to failure, then bird, then chicken, back to egg but this time quail’s, then moving to catfish which ended in nile fish, then sidetracked to growing jackfruits, mangoes, then finally settled on cooking business.

Despite all her experiences handling the home industry before, she NEVER liked it even for a bit, she did it because she got nothing to do to increase incomes. The amount of love of what she does, is enough reason to determine the future of everything she handles. She loves cooking, eating great food, eating weird food, small portion of eccentric food, the curiosity of how to making it.

Back then when we need significant boost of income, she would stayed 5 days without sleep, working to finish the order. When we’re graduated from college, the bills, contracts and credits all closed up, would she settle up and take a breather? Hell no. Still staying up sleepless for more than 2 days doing those things she loves. Cooking.

Mom gave liberty about what I’d love as long I love to do it. Lucky me, I’m able to choose what i thought i love back then and making fortune out of it. Passionate of what we’re doing is the key of all determination. Topic aside, I love playing WOW back then, i’d rather raiding ICG than sleeping, i thought i’m passionate about that, until the excitement wore off and leaving it, i’ve yet to know what the passion means.

I’m not saying the people that not in love with their job are sucks at what they do, some of them are making a better income rather than what they love to do. Apparently mom agreed that whatever job a person do, doing what you love to do is more important. To discover the thing we’re going to love and decide to marry it, sometimes we have to do something clueless chores early.

26 Jan ’13
Drawing 1118

Drawing 1118

D1211 copy

16 Dec ’12
Drawing 1017

Drawing 1017

D1208 copy

Drawing 1016

Drawing 1016

D1209 copy

14 Dec ’12
Drawing 1007

Drawing 1007

D1207 copy

Drawing 0930

Drawing 0930

D1206 copy

Drawing 0918

Drawing 0918

D1205 copy

Drawing 0912

Drawing 0912

D1204 copy

13 Dec ’12
Drawing 0902

Drawing 0902

M1203 copy

10 Dec ’12
Drawing 0820

Drawing 0820

F1202 copy

Trying to understand Falcoon style of drawing, fascinated by his KOF’s fanart artworks, all that bizzare poses, vibrant colors, definitely one of my favorites.

Drawing 0708

Drawing 0708

Woman 1201 copy

I’m forced to fresh reinstall WP, after tinkering with something undoable, particularly grid layout.

7 Jul ’12